MultiTimerZ is a powerful, yet easy to use timer application for your Windows desktop.

Create unlimited beautiful timers and place them anywhere on your desktop. Choose between countdown timers and alarm clock timers.
Auto-resume, auto reset and auto repeat your timers.

Application features:

  • Countdown and Alarm clock timers
  • Unlimited number of timers
  • Freely moveable on your desktop, place them where you want them to be.
  • Control timers on the timer itself or from a centralized timer list.
  • Start/stop/reset all timers at once.
  • Deactivate timers, if you don’t need them at the moment and activate them when you need them again.
  • Choose individual colors for each timer.
  • Repeatable timers restart automatically after they have reached the target time.
  • Set an Alarm clock timer at a certain time of day to be alarmed when that time is reached (just like an ordinary alarm clock).
  • Use cases for Alarm clock timers:

  • don’t forget lunch time
  • remember to call someone at 4
  • don’t miss the meeting at 5
  • Use cases for Countdown timers:

  • set a 5 minute countdown for your cup of tea
  • set an hourly repeating timer to take your medication regularly
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